Upcoming Schedule

Below are the upcoming broadcasts scheduled for the Slocum Sports Network.  Game times and choices are subject to change.      All times are in Eastern time, unless otherwise listed.    Some games may start later than listed due to a prior JV or varsity game.

13-Dec Wed HSHOCK SWM Blades Kalamazoo United 5:30 PM
13-Dec Wed HSHOCK Portage Central Kalamazoo Eagles 7:45 PM
15-Dec Fri GBB Parchment Berrien Springs 6:00 PM
15-Dec Fri BBB Parchment Berrien Springs 7:30 PM
16-Dec Sat GBB Watervliet Hartford 5:00 PM
16-Dec Sat BBB Watervliet Hartford 6:30 PM
19-Dec Tue BBB Schoolcraft Kalamazoo Christian 7:00 PM
20-Dec Wed HSHOCK Portage Northern Kalamazoo United 5:30 PM
20-Dec Wed HSHOCK SWM Blades Kalamazoo Eagles 7:45 PM
21-Dec Thur GBB Portage Central Paw Paw 5:45 PM
21-Dec Thur BBB Portage Central Paw Paw 7:00 PM
28-Dec Thur GBB Marshall Otsego 6:00 PM
28-Dec Thur BBB Marshall Otsego 7:30 PM
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