Slocum Sports Network to Join


Happy New Year!  The one-year anniversary of the Slocum Sports Network is here and with it comes significant changes in the New Year as well.

Moving forward, my live broadcasts and the written content I produce will be over at   Many of you may know the site for its extensive coverage of teams/schools in St. Joseph County since 2013.   The site is expanding in 2018 to include Kalamazoo County with the help of myself and others.

I will continue to broadcast events frequently, as I have with the Slocum Sports Network.   The Slocum Sports Network Facebook page and my Twitter @JordanSlocum will be used to specifically highlight the games I’ll be broadcasting and covering.   I also encourage everyone to follow @JoeInsiderSports on Facebook and other social media outlets for news/video/photos/etc throughout the area.

I want to thank all of my supporters, as well as the schools, coaches, and administrators of the area schools for all of their help over this last year.  It is gratifying to know I made the right choice in coming to the Kalamazoo area and taking the big leap to start the Slocum Sports Network one year ago.   This is another big leap in linking up with JoeInsider, but I am optimistic that great things are ahead and that the greater Kalamazoo area will get the extensive local sports content it deserves and needs.

-Jordan Slocum

3 responses

  1. We at Hackett Catholic and Kalamazoo United appreciate you! Keep up the great work!

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  2. Otsego Boys Basketball appreciates the coverage and hard work put into creating a quality broadcast. Keep up the good work.

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  3. I absolutely LOVE and appreciate that you Broadcast the Southwest Michigan High School Hockey games! My little brother plays Hockey for Mattawan and unfortunately I don’t get to see him play very often, as my husband and I live in Texas. We SO look forward to his games that you broadcast, because it truly feels like we are right there in Michigan watching him!

    Keep up the good work and Thank You all the way from Fort Worth Texas!


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